After being part of the tiny house movement in Christchurch for several years, I began designing and building my first TH project in 2014, shortly after moving to Nelson.  My background was originally as a draughtsman (back in the days when we used Rotring pens instead of a computer mouse), I then gained an honours degree in Construction Management & Technology and more recently have studied healthy and sustainable building design.  It was natural and inevitable that I would eventually want to build my own house, and the Christchurch earthquakes provided me with the opportunity: ‘opting-out’ and rebuilding my family home myself.  But the fascination with smaller homes persisted.  I began to evolve my own philosophy as to what a home should be:

” … with a simple footprint, devoid of complicated features, a home should be personal in design and robust in construction.  It should be large enough for its’ occupants lifestyle, but no larger.  Because it is smaller and simpler, the budget should permit the use of trusted, quality materials, preferably avoiding chemicals and synthetics where possible, and be self-sufficient where practical.  “

At TinySimply we believe and hold true to some core beliefs:

  • everyone is entitled to a safe, healthy place to live
  • a home should be just large enough, but no larger
  • your home should suit your lifestyle, not dictate it
  • building shouldn’t be complicated, so let’s keep it simple, and tiny
  • use quality materials and trusted styles and techniques
  • a home should be safe, energy-efficient, conserve Earth’s resources and be healthy
  • a tiny house should resemble a traditional house, but smaller
  • we want to empower people to find their own affordable housing solution

TinySimply in the media:

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